Why should I use Cycle Chauffeur instead of flying my bike?

If you send your bike with airlines, consider the following:
1. You would need to purchase, rent, or borrow a bike-case.
2. You have to dismantle and put your bike back together when you get there, being sure to torque all bolts and fit the bike back to your specific geometry.
3. The worry of how the airline will handle your bike and will it get to your destination on time.
4. Most airlines charge an oversize bag free to check in your bike case.
5. The size of your rental car needed at your destination will be larger typically at an increase in price for you.

Why should I use Cycle Chauffeur?

Cycle Chauffeur is owned/operated by Ironman triathletes. We understand what it takes to get there and run our business under the "Golden Rule."

Do I have to dismantle my bicycle and how can I leave my bike transported with Cycle Chauffeur?

No disassembly is required. You can leave race wheels, nutrition and spare tube pouches all on the bike. With Cycle Chauffeur, you can air up the tires and race.

Where will I find Cycle Chauffeur at my event destination?

We are usually set up either in the race expo, next to T1, or in a convenient location nearby. You can find all race logistics, including pick up point at your event venue, when clicking on your race on the Cycle Chauffeur home page. We will also be sending out a personal email and text message to you with all the logistics on drop off and pick up one week prior to drop off. 

I will not be able to attend my race, what is your refund policy?

Cancellation and refund policy: You can always choose to rollover your reservation to another race that Cycle Chauffeur serves or receive a full refund less $75 cancellation fee if you cancel your race plans. Rollover reservations do not expire. 

When do I drop off my bike at the Partner Bike Shop?

Drop off and pick up times are listed on the logistics page which you will find when you click on your race on the home page. This info will also be sent to you 10-14 days prior to the drop off day in a personal email. If any further questions, you may always contact Kevin Russell at 512-751-0912 or info@thecyclechauffeur.com.